Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Apron Project (with Refreshments!)

I did a Secret Apron Project for my girls and my grands for Christmas. I planned the Great Unveiling for Cookie Baking Day on the 23rd. Here are some pix (you can click on them for more detail):

The first one was for ME, a cute scenic print. I did a binding of green/white dots. Blackeyed Susan is modeling it for me (as she did for all the adult aprons):
I did Kittens in Santa Mittens for Forget-me-not. It has a fabulous red-and-white stripe for ruffle and waistband. The red fabric on the pockets was leftover from a Christmas dress I made for her when she was six years old:
This one is for MacGuyver's girlfriend, Tiny Dancer. It was a cool Gifts fabric, and I put it with red/ white polka dot. Since the gifts had silver sparkly accents, I used some Silver rick-rack I've had for years:
Now, Lily is my Snowflake Lover. Hers is snowflakes, trimmed with a great Snowmen Sledding print:
Violet's is a traditional print of candy canes and ribbons. I used the red-and-white stripe again :
Blackeyed Susan wanted a full apron, and since she was the only one in on the secret, she got to pick what she wanted. The apron has a "ho ho ho" print on the skirt. The bodice and pockets are a snowmen print that I had made a doll dress out of a few years ago. The candy-cane stripe here is red/green/white:
I also made smock aprons for the grandkids. Here Junior Asparagus models his snowman apron while showing off a custom cookie:
Laura Carrot's apron had a Toy theme. She really got into the flour-on-the-nose thing last year, and thinks it's part of the process of making cookies:
Sweet Pea's fabric featured Candy:
Grandma, Lily, and Laura decided that Red Lipstick was the order of the day:
Here are Junior and Laura, with Auntie Violet, the Grande Dame of cookie expertise:
Laura knows that a cook must "taste test" before putting her wares out for public consumption:

It was a great morning! Forget-me-not and Blueberry could not be with us, due to a Christmas Doin's on Rocky Balboa's side of the family. Blueberry's smock was made of a Christmas Train fabric, but I didn't get a photo.
Tomorrow I'll do the Christmas wrap-up!

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