Friday, November 23, 2007

This is So Completely Not Fair...

Joe Hardy (St*rbucks at The Mall) and Charming (Cr*cker B*rrel) had to be at work at 5 am this morning. They were buzzin' around getting ready at 4 am.

Five thirty-four. I can't get back to sleep.

Mid-morning nap, anyone?

Now, many, MANY'S the year I've been out for the early sales at Jo-Ann's and Target. In fact, when I was younger, I considered it an Adventure. Most times it was my Good Neighbor Linda and me, coffee in hand. Parking way out on Neptune, getting in line early. Ninety-nine cent flannel for pjs. Digital camera/winter jacket/whatever on Super-Special "till 10 am only."

I don't know. Maybe it's the crowds? Maybe it's my age? I just don't feel the need anymore. I still manage the after-Christmas sale, but after 9am. And today, the Day After Thanksgiving? Here's my list:

1. Go to bank for money for bowling and pizza. Alvin Fernald turns 13 on Sunday, and is having four friends over. (Five! Boys! All at once!) 99 cent bowling all day.
2. Grocery. Couple of ingredients for Choco-Nutty Pizza Cake. Cereal for tomorrow am.
3. Library for dvds.
4. Lil C*esars for pizza. Three large, $5 apiece.

That's a pretty Pitiful Adventure.

Oh, yeah. Gotta throw a Nap in there somewhere...

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