Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Wrap-Up

Actually, I when I speak of "holiday wrap-up," you need to understand that our Thanksgiving was a week early, because Charming works in food service, and had to work on The Day.

I finished my wool quilt on Monday last week:
Boy, is it heavy! Violet has already claimed it for herself. She is almost never "warm," and uses tons of blankets all winter to wrap up in. Too bad she lives 100 miles away! Oh, well, it is here when she visits!

Tuesday I dropped by a Goodwill between errands. I was so glad to get one of these Party-Lite candleholders:
I bought a pair (on clearance) from a friend of Violet's years ago, along with a candle snuffer to match. I think they were $18.00 apiece, retail. I broke one a couple of years ago. This second one was at Goodwill for Two Dollars!

I also got a copy of Angelina Ballerina in great shape, as well as two other books. Usually this Goodwill prices books individually for higher than the posted $1 hardbacks, but these weren't marked, so I got them for $1.

This weekend I'm meeting Violet in the town halfway between us, and they have a very large, good, Goodwill. More hunting to be done then!

Today was supposed to be back to the ballet schedule for Blackeyed Susan, but she has injured a rib by coughing. I suspect we'll be taking a trip to the chiropractor; I've thrown out ribs by coughing before, and it is painful.

Isn't it true ? Always something new to put a wrench in your carefully made plans for the day, when you have a family? I love what Mrs. Copper's Wife says: always hold your plans with an open hand, because the Lord will often change them!

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