Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Small Treasures from a Summer Day

God is the coolest! This morning we found, resting on the porch wall, what appeared to be an old brown leaf, but in reality was some kind of moth:
Another opportunity to discuss the creativity of God, putting natural camouflage in place for species that are "prey ."

Here is booty from a small thrifting adventure. I thought I was getting a great bargain, at nineteen cents apiece. Until you look closer at the original seventeen cent price marks!
I am so excited to get those Veil Pins--all of my veils were so messy before! :) They were stuck into the crochet yarn, for 59 cents.
I also got Alvin Fernald a pair of brown leather Skechers for $3.00. He says he will only be able to wear them a little while, as his toes are "right at the end." Sigh. Here I thought he'd have to wait awhile until his feet Grew Into Them. What are you going to do with a 12-year old? Love 'em and feed 'em, I guess...


Dana said...

Great photo, looks like it might be a purple thorn moth. Just guessing.

lindafay said...

Ooh, I've only seen this moth in field guides. Nice moment!

Just stopped by for a visit. Enjoyed visiting your blog today. YOu are always funny!

Donny Osmond seems so long ago. Where did the time go?