Friday, August 10, 2007

About Violet (far from the "shrinking" kind)

Today is Violet's birthday!

Because of her job as rector of a women's dorm, she is in the throes of Training New R.A.'s. Then comes Move-In Weekend, Freshman activities (she calls them "the babies," as in, "Mom, the babies are coming next week!") followed by Opening Football Weekend ("wake up the echoes, cheering her name" will give you a clue as to Which university we are talking about). Since she is in the midst of the four Most Stressful weeks of her year, I don't know how she is celebrating. I'd be glad to make her a cake, if I could find her...

Right out of the box (if you will) she was feisty--a drama queen to the max. The best big-sister ever, inventing fun things to do. A daughter of which to be ultra-proud. She loves the Lord, and loves her family. Just an all-around Quality Girl.

So, kiddo, wherever you are, running around campus, have a wonderful day. And would you please send those game tickets our way?

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