Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Birthday Fun Times

Well, it's my BIRTHDAY! I'm as old as there are cards in a (complete) deck of cards. Does this mean I'm now playing with a full deck?

Lily and her children came over this morning to sing to Grandma. How blessed I am to have them live so close!

Then, this afternoon, Forget-me-not brought Blueberry over! I got lots of love from him. Forget-me-not related the happy news that morning sickness is all but over for this time around. Oh, I remember those days well--do we ever forget them?

Since I had So Much Company, I decided to treat myself to lunch by myself at Cracker Barrel (with three hundred other people; yeah, I know...) I was not aware that I got a free dessert on my birthday--peach cobbler with ice cream. Oh, it's all good.

Since it is Wednesday (kids going to church) and Charming working today, we will have Dinner and Cake another night next week. Charming is due home soon, and we will have a couple of hours Alone. Together. Treat supreme!

I Finally took a picture of the quilt Blackeyed Susan and I made for her friend's high school graduation. It is very simple, pretty prints in a five-patch pattern. With the alternating plain squares, it almost looks like an Irish Chain:
The back is a butterfly/frog/dragonfly themed "cheater quilt":
We tied it with purple crochet thread, and I bound it in a purple tonal fabric.
The other thing I've been doing recently is knitting dishcloths. *JUST* as I snapped the picture, our cat sprang across my view:
Blackeyed Susan had to hold him so I could take the photo:
I still have four or five balls of cotton yarn, so I'll keep on going, and have a few quickie gifts ready in my gift box. These are quick and fun!
Don Quixote made me a custom card with the sentiment, "52 is the new 42--the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything"--a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, and to something I heard recently, about 60 being the New 40. Yeah, I am so into that....

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Cindy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope you felt VERY loved! :)

That quilt is GORGEOUS! What an incredible graduation gift. I wish I could be a real-life friend graduating! :)