Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I promised pictures of some of my crafty gifts. I realize that they are not as complicated and exquisite as many of the things I've seen around blogland in the last few weeks. But here they are, anyway.
I made six "useful" scarves for my five sons and one son-in-love:
For my five girls (daughters, daughter-in-love, and MacGuyver's lovely girlfriend), I made fun, funky scarves from fun yarns:
I made Sweet Pea a little lambkin from Mrs. Turkey Feathers site. I like the delicate colors.

For Blueberry, I made a dolly with red flannel pjs in a pillow-bed of his own. It's from a commercial pattern:

It's a two-faced doll--this is the "asleep" side:

Flannel pj pants for six, ready to go:

(I have made up to sixteen pairs in a season, but did scarves this year)
Christmas Eve picture, tho' the grandbabies have been long asleep at this time:

Christmas morning, and what do I find under my tree? but a 25-pound Blueberry with a green bow (my favorite color!):

Lots of noise, wrapping paper, and bows later, we stowed our treasures and five of our children made our way to the nursing home to see my Daddy:
The others plan to see him today or tomorrow.
This morning, Violet has made her way home, and MacGuyver and his lovely are making their way back to New York. Charming is back to work, and I am considering making my way to Wal-mart for the after-Christmas sale. I have avoided this the past two years, but now my wrapping paper stash is about exhausted. But Alvin (who got a Playstation II for Christmas) needs a memory card to save his games, and is pushing to get it TO-DAY.
We'll see. It's nice to not be partying today. This Christmas was four big days long, and Mommy is tired. The house is pretty quiet, and I Like It...

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Mary Ann said...

Glad your family had a great Christmas! I love your handmade gifts-they are all beautiful! The little doll in the pillow bed is adorable.