Thursday, December 28, 2006

Red Lipstick

I don't understand the fashion of the last few years, to put a "nude-ish" color on your lips. I watch the "makeover" shows (e.g. "What Not to Wear?"), and they do a great job with the clothes and the makeup until...the lips. "We're going to put a light, transparent gloss on your lips." Which (in my humble opinion) makes them disappear into the rest of the face.

My own lips have a problem. They have almost no natural color (thus, "disappear" into my face without some assistance). So Lipstick has been my close and b*som friend since junior high. Oh, I tried the Frosty Glosses (they came in a bottle with a roll-on top)--they made my lips look swollen and colorless, kind of like a mutant jellyfish. I didn't even buy my senior photos because of this disastrous mistake.

I do very well with Color. Not frost, not "matte," just Cream. But there is Another Issue. Lipstick does not look the same on my lips as it does in the tube. If I see someone wearing a color I think would look good on me, I can't just go out and buy the same thing they are wearing. It is a long and arduous process to find a color that will replicate that "look" for me.

Violet, Forget-me-not, and I played a game one day. We each put on the same lipstick to see how it would look on us. I wish I had taken a photo--couldn't be more different. And I was the "winner" in the Looks Least Like the Color in the Tube division.

There are only a few colors that I can wear. I do mauve-y pink (I can also do Watermelon, but it has been years since I've found one I can wear), mocha, and Red. Ahh, Red. I can wear both the cranberry-blue kind, and the Tomato Red, 1940's kind. Not so many of us can carry that off. And there is something different about Red, as opposed to other colors. Call it Sassy. Call it Confident. Hey, you have to be confident to wear Red. Red says Look at Me.

I have always said that if stranded on a deserted island, I would need: 1. my Bible (of course), and 2. Red Lipstick. My list always stops there. I find it difficult to go on after talking about Red.

No doubt about it, Red is Fabulous. To see the Fabulous Power of Red, look down at Tuesday's post, at the Christmas Eve picture. Then ask yourself, don't you need some Red lipstick?


Copper's Wife said...

Not sure about the red lipstick, I do better with a darker, more coralish, color; but RED! I LOVE red!!! What's up with Red??? I have on a bright red sweater right now, and I'm still enjoying the red wall in my bedroom (Red Currant) and the freshly painted red wall in my dining area (California Poppy). Red is lively. Red is vibrant. Red is happy!!! I'll join you in singing the praises of red!

April 1930s said...

Oh my word.... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Red LipStick!!! It's one of the things Hubby remembers about his dazzling first impression of me - wearing Red LipStick. However, since then I have found that LipSense is the absolute best. It stays and stays and stays. You can go to and see for yourself. Red Cherry or Brick are the best.

G.L.H. said...

Mrs. Copper's Wife,
I loved your wall color when you showed it!

Mrs. April,
Thanks for the info!!