Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Red Shoes

About ten years ago, when Blackeyed Susan was three, I made her an Easter dress in a style that was then very popular--the bodice was white with navy polka dots; the skirt was navy with white polka dots, and it had a wide red ribbon sash. I picked up two pairs of shoes that spring--matching white and red patent leather Mary Janes.

When I finished the dress, I showed it to my 75-year old mother. She was always so ready to praise any sewing project I made. Then I pulled out The Red Shoes.

She gasped.

"Ohh!" she cried. "These are wonderful. I remember a pair of red shoes I had when I was a girl. Every girl needs a pair of red shoes. Red says Happy!"

Isn't she right? I currently own two pair of red shoes. One is an extremely useful pair of wine-red (cordovan) leather Mary Janes. I was lucky enough to get these $80 shoes for $29.00. I've had them for three years, and I wear them with both jumpers and pants. They are my *go to* shoes for winter.

My other pair is a pair of Naturalizer sandals. The store displayed them in black and brown. I tried on the brown pair, and had just about settled on them when the clerk said, "These also come in Red."

The word was electric. Little fireworks, complete with American flags, accompanied that little three-letter word. Of course, there was no decision to make then. Red it was.

If you don't own a pair of red shoes, you need to. If not this winter, get them in the spring. It will make a difference in your attitude!

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Terri said...

I remember when my sister and I were in the 3rd grade, we had a pair of red leather Mary Janes! I loved those shoes! So many times since then, I have wanted another pair of shoes like them. That will be one of my goals for next year - find a pair of red leather Mary Janes!