Friday, August 11, 2006

WIP--Princess Quilts

I am making pink-and-green Princess quilts for my granddaughters Laura Carrot and Sweet Pea. Lily, my dear d-i-l, is going to do the "girl's room" in this theme. Wal-mart had this great princess fabric, in *just* the right colors!
I am going to use a center panel of the main fabric, so the princesses will be "dancing." Around the center panel will be two rows all around of 5-inch squares. I cut half of the squares "plain":
The other half of them, I made into hourglass blocks:
On the plain yellow squares (total of 10 in each quilt), I am making yo-yo flowers, with green rick-rack as stems. I only have five yo-yos yet to do!
Ya' know, I so-so loved the pink and green thing when I started it, and now it's so...Pink and Green!! Yellow is the accent color, and maybe I don't have enough of that. Maybe I should make some of the hourglass blocks using yellows. I only have half of those made, so far.

On the knitting front, I am doing some Christmas presents. The problem is that I really push my children into reading my blogs, so I can't really talk about them!

Well, my son Alvin Fernald is off for a weekend campout. Daughter Blackeyed Susan and I will do some work today, then I am going to figure out some kind of Fun Girl Thing to do!!!


Mrs. Linebarger said...

Oh, I LOVE the pink and green. I'm not thinking it needs any more yellow, myself. I think it's so pretty and feminine just as it is!! What a fabulous look!!

I have never quilted, but I have definitely been bit by the quilting bug these last few months. I'm hoping to take a beginning class around the first of the year, just to get the basics from a quilting expert to get me started.

I know what you mean about wanting to share projects your making on your blog, but not being able to because the gift recipients read your blog! How funny!! We'll all have tons of pictures of our projects to share right after Christmas!

April 1930s said...

OH. MY. WORD. Pink & Green have got to be two of my most favorite color combos... and YO-YOS! You know how to do YO-YOS!!?? I would love to learn. You should do a post with lessons sometime! Oh! and DO show us the finished results of your quilting for those girlies. My SweetPea's room is pink & green, too. :)

Lee-ann said...

Hello Barbara,
It was so kind of you to visit my blog and I have just been sitting here reading yours..................we are so lucky to share our time with our grandchildren and this we have in common "you and I"

The colours of these beautiful quilts is stunning and will cheer any little girl that is for sure.

Your blog is lovely, filled with all the treasured moments in like that touch my heart too.

I will be back to visit again real soon.

G.L.H. said...

Mrs. Linebarger,
Thank you for your suggestion about the yellow.
We have a definite "date" after Christmas for show-and-tell!

Mrs. April,
I put a link for a yo-yo tutorial on your blog. Thank you for your compliments!

Mrs. Lee-Ann,
Thank you for your sweet comments. Isn't it true that grandchildren are So-o-o wonderful!

littlejennywren said...

Lovely colours. I'm sure the girls will love their quilts.

timbuck2mom said...

Seeing your beautiful fabrics make me itch to get going on my own quilting projects. Lovely!

plainandsimple said...

I love the lovely green colour. Making a quilt is definitely something on my to-do list. Re: not detailing your knitted Christmas presents because your family read your blog - when I explained the content of my blog to my nearest and dearest their eyes glazed over so I think I'm pretty safe!