Friday, August 04, 2006

Kindred loveys

Wow! How cool--April 1930's mentioned me on her blog today! She's one of my kindred spirits, and I enjoy visiting her blog almost every day.
The very, very cool thing about blogging is the friends you make, that you can meet in no other way. Little Jenny Wren is from Australia, and Mrs. Plain and Simple is from the UK. I am from Indiana, U.S.A., so now Miss April will have to tell us what part of the country she is from!
There is no other way that people from such diverse locations could possibly meet. But how fun, fun, fun is it to meet other "kindreds." I have been buzzing around Blogland, finding new crafty people. I just love seeing other people being creative--it sparks my own juices. I'm afraid, tho', that I have the problem of never getting to the end of my ideas! Oh, well, no "dry spells" for me, at least for awhile~
For a real treat, check out some of the great people on my sidebar!


Susan P. said...

Wonderful post! That is the most amazing and greatest thing about blogland. When I started this "journey" I had no idea the wonderful people I would meet from all over the world! We all might be thousands and thousands of miles from each other but all share some very common bonds. What a true blessing:)

April 1930s said...

Hi! I actually prefer to remain somewhat macro for my own-safe-keeping, but by my clock (on my blog) you will note that I am in the Mountain Standard Time. I hope this is okay with all of you. :) THANKS! G.L.H. for linking me - you're a sweetie!

plainandsimple said...

Thank you for the kind mention GLH! You are right - it is so nice to find kindred spirits - even is we are miles apart. Like you first commentor said, blogging is a blessing!

April 1930s said...

Ahhh! You have a name! I love it... thanks for sharing, Barbara.

littlejennywren said...

It is fun isn't it, this blogging caper. Lots of new people to meet and interesting lives to read about. Thanks for mentioning my blog and linking to me, hopefully I'll get round to updating my links list soon.