Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tag! I'm it!

I've been tagged by Mrs. Linebarger! (see sidebar for link)
This is a fun one:

1. Five Things in the Freezer: Right now I'm just working with the above-the-frig one, and I just cleaned that, so this will be boring:
--about six ziplocs with cooked pumpkin from last year
--three bags of frozen (duh!) broccoli
--five ice cube trays, three of which are cracked (just replace them, already!)
--two pounds of hamburger
--10 tins of cheap biscuits to make doughnuts with another family when the weather turns cooler

2. Five Things in the Closet: We have this tiny closet by our stairs:
--golf bag with clubs
--vacuum cleaner bags and extra belts
--old 35mm film projector--we still have some films we need to put on dvd
--couple of window blinds, new in box
--our fabulous queen-size Aero bed--I'm no longer captive to a bad sofa bed at friends' when we spend the weekend!

3. Five Things in the Car:
--extra ATM deposit envelopes (sometimes the atm is empty, then I have to drive to another one, tired of doing THAT)
--extra napkins and straws for fast food--really bugs me when they forget and then *I* forget to check the bag
--several bottled waters
--my ice scraper (even in summer the signs say Watch for Ice on Bridge!! tee hee)
--four camp chairs

4. Five Things in my Purse:
--pens--either "none" or eight, never one or two
--at least three lipsticks
--small scissors for coupons or whatever
--JoAnn's and Hancock ads, sometimes Michael's, too
--5 dice and rules for a dice game--I'm never without something to do w/ the kids if the car breaks down (can you tell this has happened?)

5. Five Things in my Wallet:
--ONE photo--none of my own children, only one grandchild (I have 4); I am so bad.
--two Kinko's cards, with .02 and .11 on them
--punch cards from umpteen coffee places
--proof of car insurance--I'm ready when they ask
--library card--in use at least twice a week

I'm just "tagging" anybody who'd like to do this, since I've been seeing it everywhere for days now...

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