Sunday, August 06, 2006

Laura Carrot's got a new bag

This is my granddaughter, Laura Carrot, at Christmas. Yes, I realize that it is now August, and she was only 14 months old then, now 21 months. That's a third of her life ago. And that means that she is considerably more sophisticated now. She probably would no longer be so selfish as to steal the bottle from her Raggedy Andy's mouth.
Being a real swingin' gal now, she is really into makeup. As in, Grandma's. The minute she comes in the door, she makes a beeline for my makeup bag, and gets out the powder to "get pretty." However, being almost-two means that she leaves little canals in the powder where she has dug her fingernails in (she uses the powder-puff "dry" as well). And her cute little fingerprints on the mirror make me look like I'm in a fun house.
I got this cute fat quarter recently, and decided to make her her own bag:

Here is how it turned out:
And then, at the dollar store, I got this cute brush and mirror:
My dd13, Blackeyed Susan, has some extra "clean" powder puffs left over from Nutcracker last year, so I will stick one of those in, and Laura's Makeup Bag will be complete.

Now maybe she'll leave mine alone. Though I have been in the parenting biz long enough to know that having your own bag is no guarantee, for a two-year old. Sometimes, the Real Deal is the only deal.

We'll see.


plainandsimple said...

Absolutely gorgeous! My two year old is into lipstick - a dangerous proposition in a room with a cream carpet!lol!

April 1930s said...

I love it! Yes, my daughter is much the same for Mama's GLOSS! (She has my old compact powder and puff, too.)