Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Good Taste

As a biology major in college (actually, I could say, "as a Christian," or even, "as a human being who has the capablility of seeing Creation with her own eyes,"), it is sometimes hard for me to believe that any thinking person could believe in evolution. Please don't take offense if that *is* your belief--I'm sure you might then say the same thing about me! The great thing about having beliefs is that you are convinced they are True. Otherwise, they wouldn't be worth having.

But even if you believe in evolution, it does not explain everything about us. There are obvious things like fingerprints, earprints, and iris-prints--all these are different for every person. But there are subtle things that are different about each of us, that I find fascinating.

One of these things is our "favorite colors." Almost all of us have one, or two. Mine is green, and I like all shades of it. One of my sister's is purple; the other's was peacock blue. How do we choose these, except for the fact that they are "pleasing" to us?

Then there is food. I love lima beans and peas--many people do not. I don't think I've ever made gingerbread for my (poor) family--I don't care for ginger. I have a can that I bought early in our marriage (almost 31 years)--do you think it has any taste left? My sister-in-law loves ginger, but never uses nutmeg. I really can't stand the taste of Mountain Dew--Dr. Pepper is my poison. I do dark meat on chicken and turkey--my son won't touch anything but "white."

I could go on. Decorating. Fashion. Movies. Books. On and on and on. We have these differences not because ( I believe) of "nurture," but "nature." Having a belief in a creative God, this makes sense to me. He has filled the world with people of different tastes in every area of our lives, maybe Just Because It Pleased Him to Do So. Maybe no other reason than creativity. Something that the theory of evolution can't encompass.

The Bible says that creation recognizes its Creator. When we create something, it is recognizable as ours. My husband can tell when I make the brownies, even if my daughters use the same recipe. I can tell a James Taylor-written song, even if I haven't heard it before. Art experts can tell the artist behind an unknown painting, just by the style.

So that is why, on this day, God is obvious to me. I can see Him by His "style," everywhere around me.


Roberto said...

You make a good point by showing how people can create things. So you show that creation exists, at least in a human scale. However, evolution is not necessarily the opossite to creation. Evolution is concerned about the mechanisms which operated over the centuries to account for the diversity of the life in our planet. There is still the question of how the creator, if there is one, decided to actually populate the planet with such a diversity of species. It might well be evolution.
Of course people that "believe" in evolution are not thinking. In order to believe in something, there is no thinking required (This of course works for any kind of belief, even the bible).

Kathryn said...

Great post, and thanks for linking to our blog. I also love Grace Livingston Hill books. I love Marcia Schuyler and Phoebe Deane the best. God bless you!

April 1930s said...

Very eloquent... I like this... being an artist myself and in tune to a lot of what you say and describe. This is rather intriguing.