Thursday, July 27, 2006

Birthday Hunny

Happy birthday to my Prince Charming! Above you see him in a picture taken at the home office of his company. The large blue name in the middle of the sign is our last name. The two red initials (KK) are his initials. Even his favorite color is "Yellow." There is that unfortunate acronym of the K's Korn Klub, but...
I'm showing you this picture because we found the very same sign on ebay, and bought it for him for his birthday! So very soon we will be having this sign on the wall of his music room.
Want to know just a few things about my honey?
1. On July 20, 1969, while Neil Armstrong was trottin' around on the moon, he was sleeping "under the stars" at the National Boy Scout Jamboree.
2. He beat out 5000 people for a place in the 1973 class at the University of Notre Dame. (out of 7000 applicants, 2000 were chosen.)
3. He once got a 269 in bowling. (this may not be a big deal for you, but *I* have never topped 150...)
4. He has written over 50 songs. Five or so he considers Grade A, a dozen more Grade B (acceptable for the public to hear), and the rest "unsuitable for human consumption." That is, could be permanently stored in a trash can and that would be okay.
5. When I found out his last name, and that he grew up in Michigan, I thought I Had It Made. Yes, he is related to the Cereal Guy--his ancestor and W.K.'s father were brothers, but around the time of the Civil War...way too far away for any money or notoriety to have trickled down.
The rest of the things I would love to tell you might be too *gooey* for publication here. But he is the most wonderfullest man alive, and I am proud to be married to him, and to be the mother of his children.
Happy birthday, darling!


April 1930s said...
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April 1930s said...

What a neat post!!! (accidentally put ?s in the deleted post - don't know what I was thinking!) Really, this is very intriguing! I bet you enjoy the vintage 'K' memorabilia, too!

Mrs. Linebarger said...

How fun!! Happy Birthday to your husband, and many returns of the day!