Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I've been doing.

Finally! Will this week be normal?

I got out of school on May 4, with dreams and plans of so many things: organizing my fabric (and my craft room), getting rid of tons of clutter, reading a couple of  books on my "never get to it" list, and possibly, possibly, beginning something on my bucket list, including learning the fiddle, learning Spencerian penmanship, learning to draw (just a little!).

Well, since May 4, I have been: Making Costumes.

The company that Norah danced with this year is a small one, so no large costume budget. The director, Kimberly, got a vision of bringing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to life through dance, and it really turned into a Large Thing. Kimberly asked for sewing volunteers. I told her I would do anything but didn't want to do the animal costumes. Though standard dance fabrics of velvet, satin, and chiffon are difficult to sew with, as well. Give me good ol' quilting cotton any day of the week!

Because I seemed to be the most experienced sewist, I was assigned Aslan's pants (super-easy, I've done dozens of pj pants), Father Christmas's coat, and four satin coronation capes for the Pevensies. Along the way, other moms bailed, either from lack of experience, or whatever, and I ended up doing about fourteen pieces. And then there was the altering/adjusting. During Production Week, it seemed that everytime one of the kids put on a costume, it was too long/too big/ripped. So I (and other moms I dragged into it) sat for hours, sewing and repairing.

Even during the last two days (and up to 20 minutes before the performance, LITERALLY) we sewed animal legs (we sewed Oreius the centaur practically into his costume!) Let me tell ya', those digitigrade legs are something else:

(examples of digitigrade legs--not the ones we made)

The performance was last Saturday night. It was....Magical. Susan played a Tree Nymph, and one of Aslan's entourage of Big Cats. The masks were made by local artists in the style of The Lion King Live.

Blackeyed Susan (center) as the Tree Nymph

Susan (far right) as the Sumatran Tiger

So. That is what I have been doing for a month. Sunday I cooked an entire 10 lb. bag of chicken leg quarters, and Monday night we had leftovers with baked beans, green beans, and potato chips. Because I didn't do much else Monday (yesterday). I "hit the wall."

This morning (Tuesday) I am feeling much better. It's a good thing. I need a day to find my house, and then start on a kid quilt for my beautiful grandbaby who is turning two in nine days. (I can do a kid quilt easily in a week, so don't worry.) She likes Horsies and Monkeys and Princesses.

Piece o' cake. After all, I've made digitigrade legs.

Aslan and four of my grands

Aslan and Susan


Virtuous Woman Experience said...

A grand time was had by all! But let's get something straight. The new "normal" is "no" normal. I've given up on creating a routine that fits in today's madcap world. The new normal for you is serendipty, synchronicity and solace--yes, that's called REST!

Fabulous costumes; great performances (so I'm told); and pictures to savor the memory. Job well done, little sister.

:*Pinky Marie

G.L.H. said...

Maybe that is why we long for the "old days," sister. I used to think Mother was so boring, because her life was so predictable. HA!! I would love to step in the shoes of the 1940s homemaker for a wee bit.