Saturday, June 16, 2012

Brown Grass, Green Weeds, and Moi.

My lawn is brown.

My weeds, however, are a lush, vibrant green.

I am sure that there is some spiritual lesson to be learned from this. I find that anything, no matter how small, can be used to illustrate something God is doing.

At first, I thought about the parable of the Seeds. You know, the ones that fell on bare ground and the birds ate them, etc. But there was no mention of weeds. Just thorns choking the good plants. These li'l boogers aren't choking anything, although they may be taking the underground water from the grass. But I think that weeds are the plants that survive with less water than grass.

So then I thought, maybe I should be a weed. I'd be thriving in the desert, you know?

Nah. I'm pretty sure God doesn't want me to be a weed.

So I asked Charming, and he had a pretty good answer, something like "sin is pleasant for a season," and "don't be envious of the [weeds] while they have the upper hand. Eventually, the grass [God] will win out."

I thought that was worth pondering. Some people are thriving in this economy. The facebook guy who is now a billionaire--what did he actually *do?* He didn't make a product. You can't even physically touch what he did. But he's a billionaire? **

The economy has been poor for what, four or five years now? Charming is still working very hard at a job which makes $20K less that five years ago. I've tried to get a job, but being out of the market for 17+ years doesn't put you at the top of anybody's stack of resumes.

But God.

I've heard a sermon by that name. But God. God has not changed. He is still on the throne. He is still in charge, no matter what things look like. He is in charge of the rain, which is what will give grass the upper hand, not the weeds. But there is nothing we can do to change the situation ourselves.

So, the "weeds" are ahead, or so it looks. That's okay, I'm not looking to the world to provide. I'm looking to the Maker of the grass. And the weeds. And waiting for His time. I went to the production of Doorway to Narnia: Aslan by His Other Name last weekend. So maybe it's always-winter-never-Christmas right now. But Aslan is "on the move" and Spring is coming.

Lord, send the Rain--we need it so. And thank You for lessons I can learn, even before then.

**I in no way am making a comment on anyone's salvation or lack thereof by my comments.

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