Friday, July 09, 2010

Oh, Happy Day...

I realize that I haven't posted for way, way too long. Our sweet granddaughter was born the day after Father's Day. Eight pounds, two ounces. They measured her at 22 inches, but at her one-week checkup, she measured 19 inches. The office nurse explained that they sometimes don't take an accurate measure, and "estimate." Three inches???

She has a headful of dark red hair. Here on the blog, I'm going to call her Tiger Lily.

As is my custom, I made her a baby quilt:
The feature fabric was Cicely Mary Barker's "Flower Fairies:"
Tiger Lily is doing very well, getting accustomed to the world. So, so cuddly and sweet. It is such a blessing that she lives just five minutes from her grandma.

Here is a quickie, big-squared, tied quilt that I made in time for the Fourth:
I call it my Happy Day quilt, because the colors make me happy to look at them. A lot of light blues and bright reds, with a few darker blues to make it interesting.

[here is the fabric that was the inspiration for the quilt. Doesn't it make *you* happy?]

Notice the binding. I made it from teeny gingham checks, cut on the bias. I have used this binding four or five times in the past. I think it's my favorite ;)
Per my resolution made a couple of years ago, I'm trying to use up my Enormous Stash. I was able to use up three large pieces of fabric for the backing.

I have lots of things to say, marinatin' around in my head. So expect to hear more from me in the days to come.

Here's hoping you have a Happy Day!

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