Saturday, July 24, 2010

for Pinky Marie.

(thinking about listening to this on the radio in our bedroom with my sweet sister...)

[and, hey, you still need to teach me the Mashed Potato.]


Pinky Marie said...

Oh yes, Barbie Heart--California Dreaming was a big favorite. The original album pictured the M&P's sitting in a bathtub together!

A sad commentary on the group. Michelle is the only one left alive. Drugs did the others in and even John's daughter, MacKenzie Phillips struggled with drugs her whole life. The '60's brought a curse to this nation that continues to this day. BUT...

Today we make happy thoughts and memories and I promise to teach you the "Mash Potatoes" when we head up North in October!

Love and BIG Hugs,
Pinky "Mash Potatoes" Marie

Jen said...

Someone at church told me I reminded them of Mama Cass. I had no clue who that was, so I went home and Googled her. I am trusting in faith that she means my voice reminds her of Mama Cass.

G.L.H. said...


But don't you think the go-go boots are cool?