Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

I have some great fathers in my life.

My own father passed away in March, and I greatly miss him. He was an incredible father, and if asked to described him in just a few words, it would be "a man who showed me the Father's love by the way he lived his life." He was the Model when I was ready to marry. He always said that he wanted to live to see all of his children married, and he lived to see the last one married almost 28 years. I thank the Lord for the many, many years we shared.

Then there is Charming. The finest husband, the finest father, my best friend. Perfect for me, and willing to fulfill my dream of lots of children! I love you, honey, so, so much.

Charming's daddy, Free, is a wonderful man as well. We have a great relationship, and he is a superb Grandpa for our kids. Love, love, love you, Free!

My two brothers. My dear son Johnny Tremain, and son-in-love Rocky Balboa. The many great Dads at church whom we "do life" with. I am surrounded with men who love the Lord and love their families.

We had a wonderful day at church. Charming sang a special, a song about a father's heart. Later he grilled steaks, and we watched "Alice in Wonderland." As a person who never liked the book or any film version I'd seen, I really-really-really liked this one. As the movie was ending, I got a call from Forget-me-not, saying she'd been having contractions off and on all day, and wanted to come over for a little visit. After about a half-hour, she asked me to drive her to the hospital, while Rocky showered. Now it is about 1:25 am, and she is being admitted. Looks like we're having a baby today!

[Forget-me-not has two boys already, so we're hopin' for a girl....]

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