Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Out of the Office Today...

You can find me over at Fresh Starts today!

You need to bookmark this site. Every Monday, Jen has a devotional for Moms that will enrich your week. It is always good, good stuff.


Inglesidemom said...

Hey - copying the button is easy. Right click and "save as' to your picture folder or a file of your choice.
Go to your dashboard and select 'add a gadget'.

Choose "picture" and upload it.

In the box that lets you add a URL, jsut copy and paste the freshstart addy, including the http part. Then hit the add button and you are all set.

In other words, it is jsut like adding a picture. :-) I will post full directions on my site later today.


Anonymous said...

I love it! I didn't know that "Grand Secret" was a Goethe quote! Sneaky, sneaky. :-)


belinda said... response to 'Denise Where Are You'..well, I have NO email...NO blog....just what little info my sitemeter gave when she left a comment on my post titled
'She's done it Again'....her comment doesn't even allow me to click on it to take me to her blog ...she asked if I wanted her scraps and I have no way to let her know...that is why I left the post addressed to her....???? So, you could visit her blog if only I knew where it was......?????

Leila said...

Thanks for your kind words!

Please go ahead and use my ideas for your discussion -- and maybe those ladies would like to come visit me too! :)

If they do, tell them to say hi!