Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to Do an Expensive Birthday in this Economy.

Blackeyed Susan will be sixteen in just a few days. We use this occasion to celebrate each of our children's decision to remain pure until marriage.

We make it a Big Deal: we buy a ring as a reminder of their promise to themselves and their future spouse. We take them to dinner for a Really Fabulous Meal at the restaurant of their choice. We use the time to talk about their decision, and our ongoing support as mentors and cheerleaders.

As you may have noticed, however, the economy is Different than the last time we had a sixteen-year-old (that would be, 1999). So, after talking it over with Susan, we are having the dinner at home ("all I want, Mom, is steak and mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms...). So here is how this Momentous Birthday is panning out, fiscally:

Pretty, pretty ring at Kohl's "60% off fine jewelry" sale:

Really good-looking top sirloin steaks at Kroger's for $3.49 a pound: $13.48
Broccoli (frozen, her preference) on sale: 1.oo
Grands biscuits: 1.33
Mushrooms (not on sale--errgghh): 2.79
Baked potatoes (I already have those, no cost): 0.00
Black raspberry/chocolate ice cream: 2.50

Total: $21.10

Compared to the $$$$$$$$$$$ we spent on the first six children....

Oh, well. (I will tell you that we did the Home Fabulous Dinners for our first six for their Prom Dinners--the boys loved us for it!)

When we decided to do this, about three weeks ago, I figured to spend about twice this much. I am thrilled! But most of all, I am thrilled at the fact that my little girl has reached this point in her life. That she has made two Great Decisions: one, to follow the Lord, and two, to keep herself pure for her husband. (If you'd like to read a little bit more about this, go here.)


Inglesidemom said...

Wonderful! I love birthdays at home and I bet she will as well. Maybe it will start a new tradition for each birthday?

I saw a bag today while at the grocery store. I almost stopped the lady to ask if I could look closer at it. That might have freaked her out...Anyway, I am thinking of a heavy quilted bag thing for winter....I am addicted to Barbie Heart bags! I will email questons later regarding fabric, cost, oh...and your desire (if any) in creating another one!

April said...

What a blessing!

jAne said...

I found your blog by way of Brenda's (Coffee, Tea...) and am so thankful to have visited here. I was especially touched by this post about your daughter's 16th birthday. This is oh so similar to what we did with our daughter 3 years ago at that age, except we gave her a necklace rather than a ring. The stone is a teardrop aquamarine which symbolizes the living water of Christ. Three tiny diamonds symbolize the Trinity. Oh so special. She turns 19 in a couple weeks and is such a wonderfully precious young woman. We're thankful for how our Lord has shaped her character and desire to please Him. <><

I'll be back to visit. :o)


Bonita said...

Great ideas! I might use some when my daughter turns 16. I believe you can still celebrate and have fun in style regardless of the economy.