Saturday, July 07, 2007

Finished Project

I finally finished my five-bag project from LAST summer. Here is the bag I made for Violet: Inside, she has lots of pockets to use:
The bags I made for my sister and my daughters (and -in-law) all turned out bigger than they looked on the pattern. Lily and Forget-me-not use hers for diaper bags, Blackeyed Susan for going to concerts (holds water bottle, camera, and Everything Else) and my sister used hers for a trip, like a carry-on! She told me it just matched a blazer she had bought, so that was fun.
Violet lives 100 miles away now, and she asked me for my copy of last year's phone book, which I have stuck inside her bag, and there is still plenty of room to put things for a weekend away...
These bags were so fun, putting three or four funky fabrics together for fun details. And, it is nice to have Finished Something.
Last evening I basted a quilt, part of my Two-year, Five Quilt project. Here's how it stands:
--Five quilt tops finished
--Four basted
--One quilted
All since January 1st!
I also finished a yo-yo project this week, which still has to be kept "under wraps" because it is a gift. Next on the list--a laundry basket full of fabrics and apron patterns. I just can't get a handle on Where to Begin that project...
Later today, I am taking off to retrieve my two youngest offspring, who have spent the last nine days on vacation with their grandparents. The week has been fun and relaxing without them, but life is always better (for me) at home than anywhere else, so I am looking forward to having them back!

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Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Oh, the bag is great! I love the combination of fabrics you used. Enjoy your children when they return!!!