Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Faithful Friend and True

Alvin Fernald had taken care of a guinea pig that belonged to a missionary family while they were overseas for six months. We returned Gracie to her family last Saturday. Unfortunately, Gracie stopped eating, and passed away last evening. Corduroy (shown above) came out of semi-retirement to comfort Alvin.

I looked up this information here:

"Usually, the first signs of illness in your guinea pig will be a loss of appetite and lethargy. Although not all illnesses affect the guinea pig in the same way, if you see your cavy huddled in the corner of the hutch, refusing to eat or drink, it is almost always indicative of a serious affliction. Being herbivores, guinea pigs eat almost constantly, and metabolize food very quickly. If, for any reason, they stop eating, it should be considered a very serious condition, as the guinea pig could die in a matter of hours. Some illnesses can also cause diarrhea, which is even more serious. Diarrhea can dehydrate a guinea pig very quickly, which can also cause death if not treated right away."

Rest in peace, Gracie.

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