Friday, July 27, 2012

Tiger Lily turns 2.

My beautiful granddaughter Tiger Lily turned two in June. She is gorgeous (naturally), and has curly red hair and blue, blue eyes. Here she is at her other Grammy's after a dip in the pool:

(She looks just like me, at least in the chunky-thigh department.)

I always make a quilt for the grands' second birthday. Tiger Lily's favorite things are horsies, monkeys, kitties, and princesses. I added ballet dancers, because I know that will be a favorite as soon as she discovers ballerinas:

I love the green and white polka dot border. It is also the backing of the quilt.

In other news, I am having brunch today with an old friend, catching up. All of our children are growing up, and you know, that means it is hard to find the time to have Mom-time. She is making zucchini bread, and I will add strawberries and coffee. But conversation will be the Principal Thing.



Karen Andreola said...

What a cutie she is and happy to sit at the top of a slide. One of life's pleasures we adults only remember.

Bright colors on her quilt convey bright hopes and wishes. How fun to combine the colors and pictures for her in your piecing.

I agree with the "principle thing" -- conversation.
Have a lovely time.
Karen A.

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