Friday, July 13, 2012

It's time for Me.

After almost an entire year, I have been able to make something for myself. Me! Me! Me!

Some time back, I found a piece of vintage barkcloth at the thrift store. Baby boomers will remember this fabric. Whenever I see it, I think, "family room curtains." It is heavier than quilting cotton, and has a really great "hand" for purses, in my opinion. I used my favorite purse pattern, as well. It is sorta-big without being as big as the duffels that girls and women carry today. Don't get me wrong--I'm a "big purse" girl. This "sorta-big" size holds all that I need, and can be carried on the shoulder.

The purse is lined with brown/white polka dots. Gotta spread that polka dot love.

I always make my purse pockets special. I have many cute, cute fabrics in my stash, usually in fat-quarter size (18" x 22"), so they won't make anything big. This particulat one is of vintage girls going to a birthday party (carrying festively wrapped packages) in the rain. The print is complete with umbrellas and puddles!

The pockets are lined with Ivy fabric. Ivy has a connection with our high school , and with the school I am attending, Ivy Tech Community College. Besides, ivy is green, and green is the greatest color in the universe!

My new purse has been filled (which means my old purse has been cleaned!) and is Ready. For. Shoppin'.


Karen Andreola said...

I like how you used the sturdy fabric you found to make a pocket book for yourself. You are a good seamstress. Like you I have an idea of what to make for myself but a year can go by before it is made. Still it is nice to have projects lined up.
Karen A.

Gfam said...

Love it! Someone commented on my Barbie Bird Bag just yesterday when I was in the most awesomely wonderful vintage thrift store. The owner loved the bag, almost as much as I do. :-)

G.L.H. said...


Jealous of your vintage thrift store! Love a new store!

ชื่อที่แสดง said...

I like how you used the sturdy fabric you found to make a pocket book for yourself.

แตกใน xxx