Monday, January 04, 2010

Michigan Whites.

That looks funny in print. Maybe it's a pig, like Chester White. Or a sheep--Suffolk White. Or a chicken: Rhode Island Red?

Naah. You prob'ly know it's Potatoes.

I grew up on Michigan white potatoes. Staple of the American table. We had potatoes five or six times a week. Nine times out of ten, boiled. Most days, after I got home from school, I had my cookies and milk, then it was my job to peel the potatoes. "One for each person, and one for the pot," my Mom advised.

I used Michigan whites in my own home for probably the first ten or fifteen years. Then I branched out: Idahos. Russets. I found Idahos, though the choice of steakhouses and Wendy's ("the largest purchaser of 70-count Idahos in the world!") grainy and without a lot of flavor. I needed a LOT of butter to get those babies down. Russets were *okay,* though I did not like their thicker skin.

Later on I discovered potato heaven in the form of Red potatoes. My sister told me they had the most nutrition. I knew they had the most flavor. Their thinner skin made them, in my opinion, better for baking, as well. You could eat them with just salt and pepper. We got so used to the flavor, that my family could tell if I used a different kind for my potato salad. Altogether, a very good thing.

I made a stab at that other fairly new specie: Yukon Gold. Supposed to be so good "you don't need butter." Yeah, they are yellow, so you might think so, Grainy. Taste-free, in my family's humble opinion. I found five-pound bags one day for $1.49 apiece, so I bought four. Cooked one panful, and gave the rest away. Family just would not eat them.

Isn't it funny how you think of something, and then it happens? Last week, I had the thought, "I haven't seen Michigan White Potatoes in the stores in years." Of course, you know what happened when I went in the store yesterday. There they were, right on an endcap in the produce department. And on sale! Can you beat $1.99 for *ten* pounds?

Now, I'm not sure how they will compare to our fave red ones, but I'm going to give it a go this week. I'll let you know how it turns out...


Inglesidemom said...

I honestly feel like venturing out in the snow for a bag of red potatoes. It was the salt part that grabbed me. I love a salty red potato.

Ruthie said...

Nice to catch up on your blog. I enjoyed your quilting story - wow, you made a lot of quilts. Good idea.
Blessings in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Great Post, Mom

I will assume that you left the final "s" off of "species" on purpose, as that makes the joke intentional--"species" is a variety of plant or animal (or Protist or Monera or Fungi, or any other new Kingdoms they may have added recently); "specie" is bullion, like silver or platinum or "Yukon Gold". Mind you, I don't know that those yellow potatoes will be worth much in trade after the economy collapses entirely, but perhaps Canadian tastes in potatoes are different. :)

Your most anarcho-capitalist son (guess who?).