Monday, September 28, 2009

Quickie Update

Here's the Sunday news about Baby Myra:

Urine output continues to be normal. Tests need to be done to determine whether the kidneys are Cleaning the blood properly. My guess (because I'm trusting the Lord) is that they will get a rave review!

Her ventilator was changed from the "jet" one to the one she controls on her own, because she is breathing by herself. They reduce the pressure every four hours, and the O2 is down to 50%. She is learning to get enough oxygen on her own, but has the ventilator support should she get too tired.

Sunday morning, Myra's face woke up. She began doing those little smiley-gestures, and scrunching her eyes. We're still waiting for her beautiful eyes to open, but I don't think it will be very long!

They began i.v. proteins and fats, because they had had no evidence that her digestive tract was working. (of course, she hadn't had any food, but...) They told Lily they would look for gas in the tummy (found via stethoscope). At 8pm Lily was able to change her diaper, and it was POOPY! ("Is that enough evidence???" she asked.) Lily was very excited that when she took off the diaper, the baby's legs pulled back, and she flinched at the cold wipe.

Tonight Lily goes home. Without her baby, but knowing that the Lord is not only going home with her, but also staying behind to care for Myra. To Him be the Glory!!


Inglesidemom said...

WOW! I am soooo happy to hear this good news!


Ruthie said...

Praise the Lord! He can do miracles and this little life is in His loving hands.
Remember our little gr granson Jacob - who the Drs. sent home on hospice?? He is now 4 yrs old, had a kidney transplant last year, and is going to preschool....a normal, happy 4 yr old.
We'll be praying!