Monday, May 11, 2009

Wear Your Apron Day!

Good morning! Today is

Wear Your Apron Day!!

I'm just makin' a little note here at the beginning of the day, because my friend Kaybeautiful is coming to see me from 100 miles away. When she gets here, I will post a pic of us in cutie aprons.

It's all about the Apron Love. To find out more about it, go on over to The Apronista!


Pinky Marie said...

Happy Apron Day! I wanted to post a picture of me and my Retro-apron (a Barbie Heart Original) on your website, but alas, there is "no room at the Inn!"

I think I must incorporate "Apron Day" into the Virtuous Woman Experence.

VW's everywhere--UNITE--Be Strong--Be fearless and never cut an apron string before its time!

Live happy and healthy today.
Pinky Marie

Inglesidemom said...

I wore an apron today and had no idea it was an official holiday.

I am thinking I would like to purchase a Barbie Heart Original apron...tell me more!


Pinky Marie said...

Hello Inglesidemom...

My Sister is the Hostess of the Rainbow Cottage BLOG and I've always called her "Barbie Heart." She is particularly talented in creating quilts, clothes and novelties like purses and aprons. Last year, she created a 1955 replica of an apron that reflected our kitchen of that day. It was a creation that we alone appreciated because of its sentimental value. However, her skill and attention to detail makes it a fabulously beautiful piece of artwork.

By the way, I laughed when I read your comment. BLOGGING like this is new to me, as I own a business and usually converse with women who wouldn't be caught dead in an apron. But my heart is back home again in Indiana with aprons and home schoolers.

Be blessed and wear your apron proudly every day!

Inglesidemom said...

Pinky Marie - you should really start a blog. They are way fun!

I am the very proud and envied owner of a Barbie Heart bag! I love, love, love it and carry it everywhere. I am hooked on your sister's designs and love for things pretty and "back then.' I even have started quilting! What an inspiration she is. You are very blessed!

Thanks for the fun background histry on Barbie Heart. One day I hope to sport an original apron!