Tuesday, September 16, 2008

May Cause Exciteability

I'm three days into a major cold.

Blackeyed Susan and Alvin Fernald had it exactly a week ago. Not having caught it after two or three days, I thought I had escaped. After all, there are 200 rinoviruses, right? Isn't there a chance that my children would catch one that I've already had, and therefore am immune to? But no-o-o-o.

This one Slammed In. Like a hurricane, or maybe more like a blizzard. From 9 am on Sunday to 9 am on Monday, I logged seventeen hours sleep. So, Monday, I got up at 9, then *only* took a two-hour nap. After all, I didn't want to toss and turn all Monday night, from having too much sleep.

At 10 pm, I decided to Hedge my Bet. Took a big swig of nyquil. Fast forward to oh, one a.m. See me THRASHING around in my bed. Throwing myself around, waking poor Charming up. (he only gets to sleep till 3:45 am this morning...) Dreaming little silly dreams, like all the stop signs in Wasilla, Alaska, being shaped like all-day suckers.

Before Charming could kick me out of bed, I came downstairs. Fortunately, the 1933 Little Women was on Turner Classic Movies. By the time Jo fell in love with Professer Bhaer, I was sleepy enough to go back to bed. But before I did, I checked that bottle of nyquil--you know, the stuff with Alcohol in it...there it was, in little print: May Cause Exciteability, Especially In Children.

Well, I'm fifty-three years old. Does that qualify?


Inglesidemom said...

What a hoot! I am so sorry that you are feeling lousy. A cold in the head is one of the msot unromantic things - according to Anne Shirley. It is also miserable and makes you feel trapped. I will pray for you to feel better soon!


April said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so sickly. Hope you're feeling better!

I love it that inglesidemom quoted Anne Shirley - that's perfect!

By the way - I have a new button for the sidebar for my loyal Stitchery Friend, Barbie. :)

Ruthie said...

I hope you feel better soon. Colds are such awful things to have. Glad you could watch Little Women - that's such a fun movie.
Take care of yourself.