Thursday, September 18, 2008

Better Every Day

I wrote yesterday that I was feeling anxious about many things, and that I was being blessed by reading a certain blog entry. Doesn't that happen to you? These Friends I've made, blogging, have so many riches to share. As we journey through our lives with our Father, our experiences are not just for us. II Corinthians, chapter 1 says that they are so we may comfort others who are going through the same things. In God's economy, nothing is wasted, and everything is reusable! [We can call it Recycling--God's way!]

The Lord spoke to me yesterday through my Bible reading. Now it has all "fallen into place." Of course, *I* was the one who was "out of place" in my thinking. Nothing has really changed. Money looks just as tight. Other areas of my life seem just as out of control. But God has been there All The Time, taking care of me as He always has.

This morning I read a post at Mrs. Copper's Wife. It is called "It's Enough." She looks at the word "enough"--what does it mean? OF COURSE it means that we have what we need! Here is a little bit:

God's provision is always enough, no matter the commodity. He gives
us time enough, if only we would be faithful to use those hours to their best
advantage. He gives us wisdom enough, if only we would seek it out as the
treasure that Scripture tells us that it is. He gives His children rest
enough, if we would only choose to take the rest He sends.

Wow. Isn't that cool?

And, thank you to my many other friends, who often have a word "just for me." I appreciate you all so much!


Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

"God has been there All The Time, taking care of me as He always has."

He is SO faithful!

Inglesidemom said...

Wonderful thoughts. I am praying for your perfect peace this week.