Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow Fun, Quilt Fun

We went outside this morning because it was snowing. HUGE, fluffy flakes. (tho' by the time I took this photo, they had become smaller, Ordinary flakes.) Alvin's first thought was to Check The Weather Channel. Instead, by looking south, we thought that, from the look of the sky, it might be snowing for Quite Awhile Yet. But wait...
...looking to the northeast, (at the very same moment!) this is what we saw:
So, no Weather Channel needed today!
I began quilting this quilt I've had waiting. The pattern is called Texas Twister. I decided to quilt it in the Baptist fan pattern:
Here is a close-up. I really love the movement in the quilt, both from the pointy triangles, and the curvy fan pattern (click to enlarge):
"Fer sure" I'll be using the Baptist Fan quilting pattern again.

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Sandra said...

do you have a stencil for the baptist fan and if so where did you buy it I have been looking every where