Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ballet Sewing Kit

Blackeyed Susan needed a sewing kit to keep in her ballet bag. It holds things that are needed to sew elastics and ribbons on pointe shoes.

Although she could have used any kind of makeup-type bag, when your mother loves fabric as I do, she Has Ta Represent. So I pulled out my treasured Nancy Drew fabric I bought a couple of years ago, and cut out a very simple zippered bag:
Inside, I used a pretty pink, and, for the pockets, green fabric that has the Flowers-of-the-month on it:
We loaded it with her sewing notions, and there is room inside to store ribbons and elastics, as well.
I really loved this little diversion, in the midst of baby quilts and receiving blankets I have been doing. Forget-me-not is due in six days; Lily in twenty.
This Grandma is getting anxious!

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