Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ya' Learn Something New Every Day

The last time I was at the Post Office, I picked up these stamps. They feature *pollinators*--creatures that help pollinate plants while going along their merry ways. Pictured are lovely birds, bees, butterflies and...BATS???

What a funny picture? I thought. Around here (in Indiana) we mostly see Barn Bats, who are supposed to eat their weight in mosquitoes every day. (we LOVE our bats!) But mosquitoes as an entree would make those babies Carnivores, right? What's with the sissy pollination stuff?

A quick look on Google tells me this:

In the desert, and in tropical regions, bats are important both for pollination
and seed dispersal.

The article is here.

Sure enough, if you look at the postage stamp, that little guy is pollinating some sort of desert specie.

How wonderful if we can learn something every day!

Next time: The Great Molasses Disaster of 1919....


April said...

Still... I think something a little bit more tranquil of an animal would have been better, don't you think?

I've seriously told my post office clerk that they need a design team of some kind for postage stamps. I mean, really... sometimes they'll have lovely, beautiful stamps that you almost regret affixing to a letter - and then other times, they'll have something so incredibly ugly you can't imagine paying the few cents to even use it at all!


Promise Christian Academy said...

That was truly interesting!