Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Color of Another Sort

I found a corned beef brisket in the freezer, and Blackeyed Susan got excited! Cabbage is one of her very favorite vegetables, and I am one of those who can definitely Take It or Leave It. I "put up with" the smell of boiling cabbage for Saint Patrick's Day, when I make New England Boiled Dinner. (that's corned-beef-and-cabbage with potatoes and carrots added, for those of us cabbage-haters...)

Anyway, I made a NEBD yesterday, and as I cut up the veggies, they were so pretty I wanted a picture:
I think this is so cool: God's colors never clash!

I finished my shawl (found on Jewel's blog !) I made it for "just over" $1.00. After finishing four of my 25 cent thrift-store skeins of red wool, I started a fifth for the last two rows and the binding-off:

This is what I used to pin it...
One of two large plastic hair-pins. I found a card of two for ten cents at a yard sale:
That will do until I get a shawl-pin, as shown on Jewel's blog.
Well, Violet is coming into town this morning, so the school-day will be adjusted accordingly. We still need to get math and some other things done, as we like a lighter day on Fridays. Alvin Fernald called a "home-ec day!" for today (meaning No School/Clean-and-Bake day). Sorry, Alvin--Marco Polo is waiting for you in Kublai Khan's courtroom, and Means and Medians is your math lesson today, tho' I'm thinking about putting Science off till tomorrow. The grands are coming over for lunch. It will be a great day!


Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

The shawl looks nice. Love that red!!! Great idea to use the hair clip for a shawl pen.

Cindy said...

Love that red!! You're almost enough to make me want to learn to do something with my hands. Almost.

Mary Ann said...

The veggies are really so pretty! We were at the farmer's market the other day and I thought about how beautiful all the colors were together.

Great job on the shawl.