Friday, May 11, 2007

J E L L O !!

Gotta love this fabric. If you grew up in the 50's and 60's as I did, Jello was a Big. Deal. "There's always room for Jello!" the ads told us. And the colors! Red--Strawberry with bananas added was a favorite. Sometimes the school lunches would have Orange with shredded carrots, or (ugh) Green with shredded cabbage. I guess Jello couldn't decide if it was a Salad or a Dessert. FYI--in the 31+ years that I have been married, a Jello Salad has never appeared on my table.

Jello was good for other things, as well. Knox Unflavored was used for strong fingernails. Jello-water was used when babies had tummy trouble. Just put a spoonful in a water-filled baby bottle. Some nutrition, they said, and it usually stayed down. (though I remember a Jello-water shower I received one time...) Now we have Pedialyte. Where's the fun in that?

And what is it with Jello? Or is it just me? I have several boxes in my cupboard, that become invisible. It's like I never think of serving Jello for dessert, unless I do the Fourth of July United States Mold with Red jello/Lemon jello mixed with ice cream/Blue jello. (Hello. There is just something WRONG about blue jello. Oh, yeah, and blue popsicles.) So there those packages sit, month after month.

I don't *do* Jello Jigglers, though. The consistency is just too weird for me. I always think that somebody Just Made It Wrong. Don't mess with my Jello.

There is the fake color/flavoring thing, of course. But I guess I am just old enough to think Jello is cool, *in spite of*. So if you have a package in your cupboard (and I *know* you do!) make some tonight and have some Fun.


Cheryl (Copper's Wife0 said...

Love the fabric!! Too cute!!

Yep, jello was a staple in the good old days, wasn't it? And, yes, I've a box or two (or three!) on the shelf here. Maybe I'll make some Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Red jello with bananas, forever!


Kim said...

I do, I love the fabric and the "food".