Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Invitation

Last night was Blackeyed Susan's dance recital. She was in a dance called The Invitation by Maurice Skylar. You may know the song: "To Him who sits on the throne and unto the Lamb/be blessing and honor and power and glory forever." A very haunting instrumental. I did not get photos during the performance due my poor position in the church, but Susan and her friend Ashlee posed for me:
Susan is the dark-haired one. Here is one more:
Here is Susan at the cookies-and-punch soiree with her Daddy. The heavy makeup was starting to transform her into Racoon-Girl:
These events show clearly how little time we still have our lovely daughter at home. She is fourteen--Already! Sitting in the audience, I could see her beginning to look more like my mother, and Susan's two sisters.
The most fun of the evening was Laura Carrot (age 2 1/2) sitting behind me, when two girls on pointe with full romantic tutus (the long ones) in aqua with aqua satin tops with LOTS of sequins did a dance. Laura (with HUGE wide eyes): "There's one Princess! There's TWO Princesses!!" She was able to meet the "two princesses" and Blackeyed Susan gained points with Laura when she told her that the Princesses were her friends.
A beautiful night.


AmeliaB said...

Does your daughter go to a Christian dance studio? I wish I had even though our teacher was a Christian some of the things that went on their weren't the best. Love the bit about the princesses. :-) Did your daughter do modern, jazz, or ballet?


G.L.H. said...


The particular classes Susan took were at a church. The teacher is a Christian, and used to take classes with Susan at our "city" ballet school, in the homeschool ballet classes. She is several years older, and when she graduated high school, taught at the "city" ballet academy. Now she is teaching at another, secular academy, but she and her sisters do classes at a church as well. Her sisters teach violin and cello.

Susan has taken classical ballet almost exclusively, except for two modern classes, which were worship-oriented. We will probably add classes next year in one of the academies, but Susan took the first semester of this year *off* to re-assess. But Susan really loves taking the classes with Miss Mia.

What is your dance education?

Anonymous said...

Laura Carrot is darling!

Um, I have to say, Susan looks SO MUCH LIKE ME! I was very gratified. (As if it had anything to do with me.)

(Well, I hope that's okay with her!)


AmeliaB said...

I'm sorry I've been really busy with some costumes I was making for our Homeschool group's play. :-)
My dance background is that when I was little I took creative movement and then ballet for about 3 yrs. Then our studio changed hands and I took a year off. Then I re-joined and went up to when I got "on pointe"(when I was twelve) then it got to be a little to much. I am now considering going back. We'll see. :-)