Monday, October 02, 2006

Our Busy Weekend

Here is Alvin Fernald, working on his new look for his room. At first, he couldn't decide between an "army" theme, and keeping the blue he had, which he loved. So he designed a compromise scenario. He is keeping the blue for "sky," (as well as the cloud-fabric curtains), and painting green hills. The time is 1943 or 1944. The question is, are these hills in England, France, or some Japanese-held island in the South Pacific?
Blackeyed Susan's room was not so complicated. Here you see yellow primer (the room formerly known as "green:" The doors are from Alvin's room and closet.
I also worked on the Princess quilts. Here are some "plain" squares:
They will alternate with hourglass squares:
I made ten yellow squares with yo-yo flowers to be scattered among the others:
And how can you have a "princess" quilt without some frogs to kiss?
I know this is sideways, but couldn't get it right-side up. While we were painting, Blueberry came over with his mom, dressed in his Notre Dame outfit, and "football" shoes. They watched the game, and cheered on our team until we got cleaned up:

It's always too bad when you can't finish a project on Saturday. (tho' we didn't begin it until the afternoon, anyway) We are trying to get back to it today (Monday). Maybe more pictures tomorrow?



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Copper's Wife said...

I love the in progress pictures of the rooms!! Espcially the one of your son painting his hills! I'll be sure to show my boys the finished results when you get them up. They'll be impressed at what an older guy can do!

The quilt squares are fabulous. I love your idea of including the frog fabric! Cute!

tam said...

Darlin' boy working so hard to get his room just right! I just love this...

Your squares are so sweet, not as sweet as that Blueberry boy! He's so darn edible!

Amy said...

Those yo yo flowers are so cute and simple. I'm not sure I've seen that before. Hmm. Must make some yo yos now! Looks like it will be a beautiful, fun quilt.

April 1930s said...

Love the quilt squares... and the question about which hills they will be in the 40s. :)