Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Encouragement for 212 pennies.

One of my treasures is my Grandma’s sewing machine. It was new in 1977, and had all the bells and whistles for the time. It’s forty years old now, but it’s my workhorse. All I ever have to do is send it to the shop for a tuneup and tension reset, and it’s good for another couple of years.

A few days ago, my bobbin winder stopped working. I googled “troubleshoot bobbin winder,” and it gave a few options. But the next time I sat down to sew, I had another problem—a high pitched whine, reminding me of the noises meerkats make (fan of Meerkat Manor here). I took off the top plate of the machine to see if something was stuck. I stepped on the presser foot, and...no noise. Upon further investigation, I noticed the little rubber ring around the bobbin filler thing was cracked. It actually crumbled as I removed it. However, after I removed it, the high-pitched whine stopped. Dear hubby went to the sewing machine store and got two rubber rings for the ridiculous price of $2.12, including tax.

Well, gotta say, that’s a great price. I did wonder why he got two rubber rings. I’m not sure I’ll still be sewing when the new rubber ring wears out. Also, the second ring will be forty years old by then, right?

So, I had me a little laugh and put the second ring in my sewing box, then went about my day.

Then, while I was sleeping, I began to think again about this forty-year business. In forty years, I would be 102 years old. Still, my Uncle John just celebrated his 101st birthday, so it is not out of the realm of the possible, right?

And that’s when I realized it. I am in what my sister calls Act III of my life.  Dividing your life into three parts, you have age 0-30 as prep time, 30-60 as the “doing” part of life, then from 60-on you are in Act III. Just as in a play, Act III is where all the little plot lines are resolved, and where Everything Comes Together. It is a great concept, right?

But when I think about having forty years left, man, that is encouraging! I’m not sure I want to live that long in this fallen world, but I am again reminded that I have Enough Time to finish everything that the Lord has for me to do. I have an “appointment” to die, and “miles to go before I sleep.” I may not know when my “appointment” is, but I can be confident that whether or not I ever get to use that second rubber ring, God’s got this.


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