Monday, April 02, 2012 I am...for a minute.

Five weeks left in my semester, then I will have a year under my belt. Unbelievable. I just finished putting together a PowerPoint presentation for a group project in my online class. Pretty proud of that--only my second PowerPoint. Still pulling A's in all my subjects. Still behind on my housework. Looking forward to summer--living on fresh fruit, maybe cleaning a closet or two. I don't have a graduate this year, so even the end of the year stuff is minimal.

I'm hoping to blog some this summer! I really miss it. I also miss quilting--looking at pattern books now--I want to make a quilt, start-to-finish, on break. Planning to read a classic or two--thinking of Jane Eyre. I've read it once and remember almost nothing except I didn't like it, but Violet says I need to give it another try. Also considering The Pilgrim's Progress, because I've never read it.

Hmmm. It sounds like I'm anxious to get back to my old life! Nah, I think it's just because it's summer break. My grandbabes will be out of the homeschool or regular-school modes, and fun is waiting to be had!

Gonna be rooting for UK (Kentucky) tonight. When we lived in Louisville, you were either a University of Louisville fan, or a UK fan. We leaned to the U of L side, so were disappointed Saturday at their loss. However, UK will get our support tonight! And, on the other side, Yeah for the ND Irish women!!!

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Gfam said...

God to see you on here again. I am looking forward to your profound, quilty thoughts this summer!