Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't eat yellow snowflakes.

Alvin has an "ugly Christmas sweater" party at school today. I pulled out the sweater my Daddy wore for Christmases most of the way through the 60's. (not that it's ugly or anything...)

I kept the sweater in order to make a toss pillow out of it. Alvin, however, has claimed it for himself, for as long as the spirit lingers.

By the way, the sweater is "100% acrylic", which explains the lack of moth hole damage. It will probably look exactly the same a hundred years from now!


Jen said...

Why - that is a lovely sweater... really. It is.


G.L.H. said...

I love it because my Daddy wore it!

Anonymous said...

I had totally forgotten that sweater, but now I feel like I can picture your dad wearing it. I have to say, the young fellow is really rocking it! ;-)

I love acrylic sweaters. Despite being a non-natural fiber, they feel good to me. And they are warm.