Wednesday, May 12, 2010 which we feature my gorgeous daughter...

Prom night!

Blackeyed Susan and one-of-her bff's Mads did not have dates for the prom, so they decided to go with two other girlfriends.

[Susan, Mads, and Sam]

[Susan and Mads]

Dinner was at our house: bbq chicken breasts, baked potato, nice salad, and strawberry shortcake. Afterwards, they crowded into our teeny-tiny powder room to freshen up:

[of course, it's a known fact that girls visit the powder room in herds.]
[little photo, but I wanted to show the four girls: Susan, Megan, Sam, and Mads]
Changing subjects now.
One of Susan's friends asked her to participate in her photography project for school. Here are two that I grabbed off of facebook:

this one looks super-creepy to me, especially as I am reading
and the description of the "undead" is eerily similar to this photo.

this one is not so creepy, more "artistic"-looking to me.
The art show at the high school is tonight. Susan may go, but I have a date with Alvin Fernald for his baseball game. The spring has been so cold/rainy/hail-y/windy that he has had more rained-out games than he has played. So I will be sitting in my hoodie/blanket, with umbrella at my side.


Inglesidemom said...

Beautiful prom pics! And I'm with you, the tub pic is creepy! And I am only reading Rilla of Ingleside (again!). :-)


Inglesidemom said...

Barb - had to go private for a while over at Inglesidemom. I sent you an invite!