Monday, March 22, 2010

My New Friend.

I haven't cried yet.

Actually, I've only teared up once, during the funeral Mass.

I don't need to have a meltdown; I spent hours and hours with Daddy during the last week of his life. All the things I wanted to say and wanted to hear, I did. But I can feel a few tears right behind my eyes. I just need to get them out somehow. (I have been a little short with my family; that's one reason I know.)

My dear sister, Pinky Marie, whom you may know from her comments here, knew just what to do. She sent me a New Friend:

(here she is, by some beautiful flowers from my neighbors.)

She is a Vermont Teddy Bear. Maybe you know about them. I personally think they are a giant step above build-a-bears. My new friend is purple because my sister loves purple. Her eyes are green because that is my favorite color! I'm going to call her Nettie, my Victorian-bosom-friend name, which is a nickname for my middle name, Annette.

Look at those eyes. Nettie is a Thinker, and she is not letting all of her Deep Thoughts sit on her face. She will keep all my secrets.

She is wearing a wonderful t-shirt that says, "Sew Happy to be Quilting." Nettie already knows what will make me smile!

I get to spend the day alone today. I'm looking forward to it. The death certificates have not arrived, so I can't do any of Daddy's final business. I will just be working on everyday duties and some de-cluttering. I'll put on some music, and See What Happens.

And Nettie will be ready with her hugs when the time comes.


Pinky Marie said...

Thank you for sharing Nettie with us, Barbie Heart. She IS beautiful! No wonder she went MIA for 2 days--I think she was held for ransom, and then the kidnappers' conscience got the better of them.

Her eyes tell me that she's an Old Soul... She's been through the wars; the Depressions; comforted Mothers who've lost a child and stayed close at the bedside of the Elderly who were passing into Eternity. You're right--she has many secrets, and her greatest adventure is yet to come!

I personally think that Vermont Teddy Bears have a soul and much love to give. Inside each of us is an Inner Child that will also need the hug of a furry friend. Teddy Bears work much better than cats, so you can quell Sherman's fears that he might become a huggy toy!

My heart and love come with this post, dear sister. Thanks for sharing your thoughts--it brought the tears behind my eyes to the surface and one or two fell on the keyboard as I write.

Missing Mom and Dad and YOU today...

Pinky Marie

Mommy K said...

I like her name. I have my own Nettie to love on. =) I probably can't squeeze her as tight, though... Hope you enjoy your alone time, but always know there is a house full of people to visit with any time you want just down the street!