Thursday, December 24, 2009

Flour Power

Tuesday was Cookie Day here at the Cottage. Lily's children came in their Christmas smocks. Unfortunately, Forget-me-not's boys were not able to come. We made a big mess even without them!
Learning to keep the cookie cutters close together, to get the most out of a rolling of dough.

Cambridge preferred to supervise, rather than get his hands dirty.
Baby Nettie (Myra) watched from her perch on Lily's shoulder.
Junior Asparagus and Sweet Pea get serious, and seriously flour-y.
Laura Carrot maintains that red lipstick makes you look fabulous!
Sweet Pea agrees!

Laura is not afraid to get up on the table to make sure she gets her turn.
We must have a bit of flour on our nose, or we're not really serious about Christmas baking.
Charming steps outside to take a photo of the falling snow. Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!
Moving to the dining room for decorating. Junior's apron is up almost to his chest. I guess a new one is in order for next year!
It was so hard to wait to sample a cookie, but Sweet Pea voted thumbs up!
My beautiful Blackeyed Susan with Sweet Pea. (can't you read her thoughts: Pop-pop, I haven't finished my cookie yet!)
Big-boy Junior, almost seven years old!

We filled plates with cookies to send home with Lily and to send to Forget-me-not. It was a fun-filled morning!

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Inglesidemom said...

Fun! We did that twice last week and I was amazed at how less messy it gets as they grow. Might I add that I missed the mess? :-(