Monday, January 12, 2009

Pajama-Rama Update

Wow. It's only been six days since I blogged about my new project. I have dug out a total of five large rubbermaid tubs, and reduced all of the scraps of flannel pj pants I have made over the last dozen years (or more!) to 4 1/2-inch squares.

Fortunately, the last two tubs contained mostly uncut flannel pieces, that I can use in the future for grandkid pjs. And--there are still flannel scraps out there *somewhere* that I am sure I will have to deal with later.

Drum roll please.

My new total of 4 1/2-inch squares is: 4586. Since it takes 396 squares to make a 72x88-inch quilt, I have enough for more than eleven quilts.

More than enough, I think, is Quite Enough.

The great news is that I get to put them away for awhile. But, when I'm ready later this year, the pieces are already cut! Lily has agreed to help me put them in some kind of pretty order for the quilts. The favorite quilt I've ever made for any of my children is Johnny Tremain's flannel quilt, now almost threadbare. So, I think this will be a popular project!


Julie said...

What a great way to tackle a big project like quilts in a more manageable way!!!! I still have to make my first pair of flannel pj pants. I've had the patterns for two years now, lol.

Inglesidemom said...

!!! Wow! Please be sure and post pictures of the projects you work on.

Inglesidemom said...

Got your email and article. Did you get my response? I know I get lost in the inbox sometimes. :-)))


Leila said...

This is just amazing. You could blanket whole households with all this!

You must be a crack quilter!