Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Didn't Have to Cook Dinner--Twice!


Charming made goulash last night for dinner. These are the leftovers:
As in, After nine people ate, that is what was left over. I should have known, though, as Charming asked me if I had anything larger than the large spaghetti pot on the left:
...ordinarily the largest pan in my kitchen, unless you put it next to the Canning Pot, which Charming elected to use.
But who's complaining? Six or seven of us are going to eat the leftovers tonight!


Ms. K said...

thanks :) I really appreciate your support. I loved the aprons too. I bought that paper special for you. :) I can get you some more if you would like.


Inglesidemom said...

My darling is the same way - the more the better! I, too, never complain as it saves time the next day. And who says that leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner are bad?


Anonymous said...

Yummers! I want some goulash.


Julie said...

Yum!!! Coming from big families, that is how dh and I always cook. Makes it so much easier to make double or triple batches of everything. Nothing ever goes to waste either.