Saturday, April 21, 2007

First Mowing

"The first cut of the year is always the best."--Alvin Fernald:
We had a nice day earlier in the week, and Charming had Alvin *tied to his leg* for the day. They went to the old-fashioned plumbing store, where if they don't have the piece you need, they can make it--good for when you live in an older home. But they bought pieces "off the rack" to fix the leaking bathtub faucet. They also replaced light phosphorescent light bulbs, and then tag-teamed the mowing and weed-eating in the back yard. Alvin got to do both in our (smaller) front yard.

After he finished, we noticed the teeny-tiny doggie across the street, yipping at his front door:

He is about eight or ten weeks old, and should not have been without a collar and leash. So Alvin went across, looking for same, or for open doors or windows from which "Scrappy" could have escaped. No such luck, so he played with him for awhile. Then we remembered another neighbor might have an extra leash, so we used that and secured Scrappy to the porch. When his Mom and Dad got home, they found he had escaped his leash in the backyard. Alvin could not see it for the long grass.
Later, Charming grilled burgers and we had the grandkids and their parents over. Alvin was so, So, SO filthy! After a shower, I sent him to bed. He said, "After this day, I don't think I'll have any trouble falling asleep, Mom."
Truer words were never spoken.


Tam said...

What a glorious day! What tender mercies the Lord bestowed on a Daddy and his boy!

To end a day's work with a show of hard earned dirt and to slip into bed having washed it all away to start again anew....boy, only a few things could beat it!

Anonymous said...

I love that boy--he's really a treasure. It will be so sad when he starts grunting like they all did by age 14! ;-)

How cute is he with that dog? OMG!